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Clojure's Transducers are as fundamental as function composition
Explaining the gotchas I encountered while doing this.
3 Javascript deployment mistakes that are simple to avoid.
I do what I cannot do, in order that I may learn to do it. - Pablo Picasso
Explaining Babbage 12 Feb 2013
The motivation for ReadyForZero's Babbage library.
Debug your hiring flow like a funnel
A tiny project to foster ClojureScript understanding
Using the thrush allows you to build up complex flows piecemeal.
A solid linux laptop, once you get the kinks out.
Javascript hoisting can be especially nefarious in loops. An example.
Noir makes it easy to experiment with Clojure on Heroku for free.
Very simple Clojure implementation of a tf-idf variant.
A very simple example of how to setup a thrift server and client in Clojure.
A few examples of how Python's combination of imperative and functional features make it a good transition language.

I'm co-founder of ReadyForZero.com, a YCombinator and 500 Startups company that is changing the lives of Americans outside Silicon Valley.

I studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon and wrote a master's thesis on heuristic search at UCLA. I've worked on statistical machine translation at USC [some publications are here] and Google.

These are pretty random thoughts, but I usually write about Clojure programming, life at a startup, and simplicity in software development.

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I can be reached by email at [first name] dot [last name] at readyforzero.com.

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