ClojureScript is a pretty neat extension of Clojure itself, but it's kind of hard to get started on, even for those familiar with Clojure and Javascript. There are a few tutorials, but they aren't fast enough to start. For people that know web programming and Javascript and just want to bang on it, here is an extremely minimal ClojureScript project that serves as a playground for trying it out.

This will be the simple ClojureScript that the project will actually run to pop up a Javascript alert:

View it here, or install it with: If you don't have leiningen installed, download it here.

Note that this is not the "most minimal", since it includes jQuery and the ClojureScript wrapper library jayq. But including it provides a library that most are familiar with, and I think this will encourage experimentation. I hope this gets a few people to try Clojure that otherwise wouldn't. Let me know on HN if you think this can be improved.

UPDATE: If you'd like to try out some interactions with the server, here is an example at that shows a super easy starting point.

UPDATE: Another very minimal project that uses the jquery wrapper jayq is here at

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